Alpha Beta with 25 letters!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:
There are 26 letters in the English language,and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Chose a letter write a blog post without using it.
(Feeling really brave.Chose a vowel!!)

Wow! to write a script with the last letter in the order of vowels missing is indeed hard!
Have ever heard of the toddler who swallowed the key board of toy type writer?
He ended in the emergency ward of the hospital with irritable vowel syndrome
Doctors worked whole time to retrieve the board by making his bowels to move
None of the medicine and laxatives worked to pass it with the stool.

Operating team with their ambidexterity opened abdomen in their search
Eager grand mother of the child t’phoned to find the condition of the kid
The team said they removed the board in the process of being digested
Loving granny damn happy asked any changes after administered anesthesia
The Registrar replied, “yes we spotted some changes too and he is recovering
lovely child tolerated well the incision, bring his piggy to transfer the coins”.

Even the great Bard Shakespeare the playwright has two vowels in his name
Not many of his readers know, he was sterile in naming a title for his plays
Bard of Avon avoided naming one of his plays and left it to his avid readers,
devoid of name “As They Liked It” to escape the “Post Dramatic Stress Disorder”.
If not biting the other end of his pen-cil for a point to name it drove him crazy
I wonder whether “All his plays and more work at that stage made him lazy”

If I type it’s real title I will fail to write this “Alpha Beta With 25 Letters”
Perhaps every body now know why I have left it to readers to get the answer!

“Are yo(u)there” but again “u is not there” is the sentence gramatically correct?
Lookin’good, would like to have a feedback that will be food for more thought!


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