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I am a sixty nine year old pensioner from Sri-Lanka currently domiciled in Australia.

The irrepressible penchance to pen a few lines by a pensioner in a pensive mood is the main factor. It is the burning desire to kindle the flame of writing that is latent and get a third degree from the blogging university.

“A journey of thousand miles begin with one step” is a Chinese proverb. I have placed my first step forward by creating a blog that is a kick-start. My motivators are my mentors Ben Huberman, Michell W and Krista. Their expertise and skills in guiding the beginners are excellent. My stumbling blog is my inadequacy of my computer skills and cognitive inability to grasp the finer points. 

Old dogs can be taught new tricks, hence I have embarked on blogging, I am afraid I am barking up the wrong tree but again who knows, my bark may be more than the byte!
I have decided to blog publicly because I believe I have an inherited sense of humour which I want to express openly to the whole world. 
Word Press has set up a right platform for novices to break the ice exposé their latent talent.

I am not a pundit but like to pun and play with words. “Word Press” is “World Press” and is a world power and it is a better forum to exchange your views and learn from one another. My list of puns that secured places in the www. punoftheday.com web site as follows,

Listing puns for Sivanandan

1. The very cause for varicose veins for cops on beat duty at traffic intersections is ‘Standing Orders’.
2. To the flat dwellers finding a level playing field was a complex issue!
3. Tubeless is a product of tireless effort!
4. A plumber’s pipe dream was to tap all his resources to become multifauceted.
5. Textile workers who lived at the manufacturing site in fabricated dwellings were closely knitted.
6. Is the training given to expectant parents apparenticeship?
7. Workers in an upholstery business demanded a wage hike to cushion the high cost of living.
8. When the rubber market bounced, it was latex news.
9. When my granddaughter lost her baby molar she was demolarised and brushed the tooth fairy claim.
10. A tennis exponent always has a gut feeling beforehand that he will beat his opponent.
11. Vertical living is flat dwelling.
12. Cash cows control bull market stocks!
13. To me the end result of a can-do attitude is positively candid.
14. A pun spun with a good yarn gets fabricated!
15. Dentists on death fill their last cavity.
16. Podiatrists like legumes and tomatoes!
17. Issue of first day cover almost ended in a stampede.
18. Masks have no face value!
19. The charges of the otolaryngologist was exorbitant, I had to pay through the nose!
20. Tube tyres are not a patch on tubeless ones!
21. When the lumber baron was unable to log in, his business ended in a forced shut down!
22. Synchronization of gears in modern bicycles is cognitively demanding.
23. Epitaphs are engraved

Sense of humour is a cognitive arsenal in the armory of human beings. It can be caustic,sarcastic or witty.