Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at a great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.” – Gore Vidal (An addition with apology to Gore-Vidal including the International Monitors at great cost in this context and contest)

Battle lines are drawn, this time it will be a Royal – Thurstan encounter. Atmosphere after the nominations was some what akin to the big-match rivalry and revelry and supporters jumping on the bandwagons geared for the big parade.

The count down for the biggest ever showdown has begun. Poll fever is heating up, the Power House of the SLFP packed with fire brands has an added advantage by having the fire brigade in close proximity to douse the flame. The Sri Khotha pachyderms sizing the situation have seized the opportunity. The Mahout with his cohorts and their new found bonds are all out hellbent on the campaign trail, breathing fire trumpeting to triumph.

Politicians who pontificate on the platforms are the ones who cause the poll pollutions. Their vituperative speeches and propaganda generates the poll fever. The carriers who transmit the  allergens in the pollen are the media. It is also contracted by word of mouth. The cross pollination is taking place even after the nominations are announced. Three Junior Ministers have withdrawn support to join the opposite camp and some threatening to follow.

Day in and day out new interesting episodes and events are unfolding. The manner in which our cartoonists portray the caricature of the main players in numerous humourous angles makes it more lively. Collette and Wijesoma will be turning inside the grave green with envy. Thanks to the Good Governance and the President for for re-establishing the freedom of expression. He is also a prime target subject to ridicule with grotesque representations.

The Captain of the Titanic at the capstan, who steered the maiden voyage with his hotch-potch crew has completed 180 days of perilous journey in the tense and turbulent Indian ocean. There is a long way to go and the ship is little behind the schedule. It is anchored for logistic purposes. Whether the same set of crew will return to resume or another set will replace them is the bil-lion dollar question? Fingers crossed till the ballot papers are crossed. The Captain has thanked the crew and tacitly expressed his support to the present crew. This 180 degree turn by the skipper after the 180 days of honeymooning has caused concern to the other faction who are hell-bent on replacing the present group. 

Titanic passengers with inadequate life boats are not much concerned of their safety but of the future of the progeny. They are of opinion though the captain has identified the life threatening huge iceberg (Dooshanaya and Beeshanaya) corruption and violence, the steps he has taken to eliminate this menace is only a tip of the iceberg.

The minorities who voted en-bloc to elect the new president and to dump the previous regime have an insecure feeling with the re-emergence of the past President? The  minorities fear they will be targeted and injustice may be perpetrated upon them by the majoritarian ethnocratic regime. Will the Captain of the Titanic protect his supporters and foster unity among all races and lead the country to prosperity is the big ask? Some have begun to express their concerns about the next phase of the journey allayed with fear that the trajectory of the Titanic will be satanic?

Theoretic rhetoric of LTTE come-back and a new theory of alliance between Elephants and President are the lines of propaganda of the come back group. The recouped opposition is trading on quick and cheap political bargains at the expense of the minorities. Race and religion are the easiest weapons to swing the voters who by their very nature suffer from selective amnesia!

Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. There was a time as far back in 1954, the southern most cape of Sri-Lanka the “Dondara Head” was represented by the founder of the Communist Party, belonging to the medical fraternity, the great “Morawaka Medico” healer of the ills and woes of his constituency Akuressa, enveloping the whole of Morawaka and encompassing the whole island. He was none other than Dr S.A.Wickramsinghe, a strong staunch sinhala Buddhist from South, seen at home in a national banian which symbolised his simplicity.  

Like wise northern most tip was Point Pedro and it was represented by the co-founder of the Communist Party who was an old boy Jaffna Hindu College and an orthodox Hindu a champion crusader for the down trodden when caste distinctions and disputes were rife and rampant in the peninsula. He was the Cambridge scholar P.Kandiah.

The striking similarity and the semblance of these two noble gentlemen who represented the two communities collectively the North and the South relatively considered opposite poles, clearly reflects a common concept of unity and ideologies that existed between the two races in their pattern of voting and in establishing the party by the founders.These two towering personalities stood taller than the Light Houses at Dondara Head and Point Pedro. Both the icons were beacons of light navigating the citzens of the country in the right direction and like wise the Light Houses the sailors in the sea.

The magnanimous Marxist politician Pieter Kenuman the other co- founder of the C.P was at the centre representing the Colombo Central. He was son of an elite Supreme Court Judge from the Burgher community, a race once very vibrant now fast becoming extinct. Another co-founder of the communist party was our teacher at Jaffna Hindu A.Vaithilingam who had his Master’s from Cambridge and unsuccessfully contested the Vaddukoddai seat. The present TULF leader Ananda Sangaree who always agree to disagree was also our teacher aligned with LSSP. The self proclaimed leader of TULF  is fielding Susil Kindelpitiya, Western Provincial Councillor as a candidate under his banner in  the forthcoming elections, a welcome move indeed.

The left oriented elite Marxists and Maoists in the Parliament are now disoriented and and left on the lurch completely disillusioned with delusions. Leftist politicians splintered by splits are weak if i am right melting with the political climate changes and disintegrating, left with few Dew drops, the present minded Professor with a Vast- difference when compared to Bala Tampo’s tempo and Shan shine, and the Marxist political wizards Dr. Colvin R de Silva, Dr.N.M. Perera and Leslie Goonewardana. The irony of it is most of them were contemporaries in prestigious premier institutions in Great Britain who later were up in arms against British imperialism.

The high profile who blackmailed the rank and file showing their corrupt file is back in the frey. The white van tactics and antics during his regime are known to everyone. He is now with his black listed henchmen white washing the allegations that tar-nished his image to regain the Lost Paradise and power. This had given a knee-jerk to the queen bee as his misogynistic propensity would lead to a witch-hunt to ditch the B…… who toppled his apple cart, to the water’s edge. Will he be rebooted in the process of recovery of corrupt files or will we be under his jackboot will be known after the election? Will his black magic work? No local Nostradamus to predict also!

In fact if you examine the political records of the past Executive President he is some what similar to Ceaser. He as an opposition politician worked closely with left aligned, human right activists against the rising authoritarianism and human right abuse during the UNP regime in 1980. A leader of such calibre after assuming as the Executive President was engaged in huge development projects more importantly the ending of the protracted war, that escalated and exalted the executive President from Medamulana to medieval king’s status. It was the time patriotism was at helm. He was more powerful than any of his predecessors and the public gave him a carte-blanche and an open mandate to do anything he liked.

The irony of it is he wanted to be the perpetual President of SL and groomed his son to be the heir. That was the cause of the the great fall of the from the Great Wall. Even Confucius also will be confused as to how it happened. Do not know whether it was a modi-fied raw deal or a done deal by the global cop in the Indian oean. Absolute power absolutely corrupts the very same leader who fought against the rising authoritarianism became an autocratic ruler and that was the cause of the down fall together with his soothsayer now in hideout.

When the country was heading towards authoritarianism came a revolt from the blues that was a bolt from the blue which is considered as a coup or conspiracy, but there again to bring back democracy, when the coming colour was no good an emissary was sent to remedy the imminent tagedy and ensure fairness. It doesn’t tantamount to a total betrayal, to call the President etu brute. It was a move essentially for the Good Governance of the country. Ceaser is now back in the centre stage with daggers drawn and the sword of Damocles hangs over the head of those who crossed his path.

In case Past President is re-elected with rock solid majority from Kurunagala and would be the next P.M elect? Will the tailor made outfit made to measure the prospecive P.M, designed with sartorial elegance, by the skills of the FM and the Care-Taker PM suit the New elect?

Will the dilly-dallying, vacillating President put his foot down and block him from becoming the PM or will it be like another nomination stunt followed by deafening silence? Is there adequate provision to do so after the dilution of his powers? The former minister and Professor GLP and Chief Justice have made their stand clear saying “no”quoting section Article 40(1) (a) of 19A. Present Justice Minister a wiz. in law states it is possible under Article 31, according to Island newspaper features column on 22-7-2015. President in his address to nation also hinted there are more suitable candidtes for the Prime Minister portfolio waiting patiently for their turn within the SLFP. That also keeps everybody guessing and and speculating!

In case the UNP and Good Governance alliance regain power will he be complacent by representing a constituency alone losing the perks and privileges a past president is entitled to? Now itself there had been a press news item which reflected if absolute majority is not obtained by his party he would withdraw from politics!

After being immersed in immense power will he tolerate the humiliation and embarrassments he will have to encounter with very much lesser power, already he will be terriblly demoralised psychologically and physiologically with post poll traumatic disorder after his great fall? Now he can imagine the moments, how the Field Marshal who fought shoulder to shoulder with him to eliminate the LTTE would have felt, when he was stripped of power and court-martialed?

His strained relationship with the President is like a broken chinaware that cannot be pieced together as it is, judging from the sentiments the HE has expressed it is apparently transparent never again you can mend fences and hedge your bet. Cohabitation with amity and unity after such an enemity with an arch rival for good or bad governance is another question. 

It is left to the voters at this crucial juncture to decide who will lead the posterity to prosperity fostering unity and amity amongst races in the resplendent isle with zero tolerance to malpractices and corruption.It is up to them to sensibly and responsibly cast their votes inside the ballot and not to transform ballot box into a Pandora’s box!

IGP has sounded an alarm and cautioned the public that underworld figures have surfaced and to  be extra vigilant during the period. Meanwhile the presence of the international intelligence agencies in the country also cannot be ruled out.

The international actors and the increased naval presence adding salt in the Indian ocean and their maritime diplomacy is another vital factor because of our geo-politically strategic location.

The answers to the above questions will be known In a month or two. Will it be a political Harakiri or Mee-Harakiri to some politicians?


Alpha Beta with 25 letters!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:
There are 26 letters in the English language,and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Chose a letter write a blog post without using it.
(Feeling really brave.Chose a vowel!!)

Wow! to write a script with the last letter in the order of vowels missing is indeed hard!
Have ever heard of the toddler who swallowed the key board of toy type writer?
He ended in the emergency ward of the hospital with irritable vowel syndrome
Doctors worked whole time to retrieve the board by making his bowels to move
None of the medicine and laxatives worked to pass it with the stool.

Operating team with their ambidexterity opened abdomen in their search
Eager grand mother of the child t’phoned to find the condition of the kid
The team said they removed the board in the process of being digested
Loving granny damn happy asked any changes after administered anesthesia
The Registrar replied, “yes we spotted some changes too and he is recovering
lovely child tolerated well the incision, bring his piggy to transfer the coins”.

Even the great Bard Shakespeare the playwright has two vowels in his name
Not many of his readers know, he was sterile in naming a title for his plays
Bard of Avon avoided naming one of his plays and left it to his avid readers,
devoid of name “As They Liked It” to escape the “Post Dramatic Stress Disorder”.
If not biting the other end of his pen-cil for a point to name it drove him crazy
I wonder whether “All his plays and more work at that stage made him lazy”

If I type it’s real title I will fail to write this “Alpha Beta With 25 Letters”
Perhaps every body now know why I have left it to readers to get the answer!

“Are yo(u)there” but again “u is not there” is the sentence gramatically correct?
Lookin’good, would like to have a feedback that will be food for more thought!

To write a script with the last letter in the order of vowel is indeed hard!
Have ever heard of the toddler who ate the key board of the type writer?
He ended in the emergency ward of hospital with irritable vowel syndrome
Doctors worked all time to retrieve the board by making his bowels to move
None of the medicine and laxatives worked to pass it with the stool

Operating team with their ambidexterity opened abdomen in their search
The beloved mother of the child telephoned to find the condition of the kid
The team said they removed the board in the process of being digested 
Loving mom damn happy asked any changes after administered anesthesia
The Registrar replied, yes we spotted some changes too and he is recovering 
Lovely child tolerated well the incision, bring his piggy to transfer the coins.

Even the Bard Shakespeare the great playwright has two vowels in his name
Not many of his readers know, he was sterile in naming a title for his plays
That is why the task of naming one of his plays was left to the readers as they liked it
If I type it’s title I will be failing in my attempt to write this with twenty five letters
Perhaps every body now know why I have left it in hand of readers to get the answer.

I am a sixty nine year old pensioner from Sri-Lanka currently domiciled in Australia.

The irrepressible penchance to pen a few lines by a pensioner in a pensive mood is the main factor. It is the burning desire to kindle the flame of writing that is latent and get a third degree from the blogging university.

“A journey of thousand miles begin with one step” is a Chinese proverb. I have placed my first step forward by creating a blog that is a kick-start. My motivators are my mentors Ben Huberman, Michell W and Krista. Their expertise and skills in guiding the beginners are excellent. My stumbling blog is my inadequacy of my computer skills and cognitive inability to grasp the finer points. 

Old dogs can be taught new tricks, hence I have embarked on blogging, I am afraid I am barking up the wrong tree but again who knows, my bark may be more than the byte!
I have decided to blog publicly because I believe I have an inherited sense of humour which I want to express openly to the whole world. 
Word Press has set up a right platform for novices to break the ice exposé their latent talent.

I am not a pundit but like to pun and play with words. “Word Press” is “World Press” and is a world power and it is a better forum to exchange your views and learn from one another. My list of puns that secured places in the www. punoftheday.com web site as follows,

Listing puns for Sivanandan

1. The very cause for varicose veins for cops on beat duty at traffic intersections is ‘Standing Orders’.
2. To the flat dwellers finding a level playing field was a complex issue!
3. Tubeless is a product of tireless effort!
4. A plumber’s pipe dream was to tap all his resources to become multifauceted.
5. Textile workers who lived at the manufacturing site in fabricated dwellings were closely knitted.
6. Is the training given to expectant parents apparenticeship?
7. Workers in an upholstery business demanded a wage hike to cushion the high cost of living.
8. When the rubber market bounced, it was latex news.
9. When my granddaughter lost her baby molar she was demolarised and brushed the tooth fairy claim.
10. A tennis exponent always has a gut feeling beforehand that he will beat his opponent.
11. Vertical living is flat dwelling.
12. Cash cows control bull market stocks!
13. To me the end result of a can-do attitude is positively candid.
14. A pun spun with a good yarn gets fabricated!
15. Dentists on death fill their last cavity.
16. Podiatrists like legumes and tomatoes!
17. Issue of first day cover almost ended in a stampede.
18. Masks have no face value!
19. The charges of the otolaryngologist was exorbitant, I had to pay through the nose!
20. Tube tyres are not a patch on tubeless ones!
21. When the lumber baron was unable to log in, his business ended in a forced shut down!
22. Synchronization of gears in modern bicycles is cognitively demanding.
23. Epitaphs are engraved

Sense of humour is a cognitive arsenal in the armory of human beings. It can be caustic,sarcastic or witty.

Ice, Water, Steam.

I was in deep water when asked to write about H2O, I gave dew attention and the misty fog that blurred my vision disappeared and an idea sprouted like a spring in my mind that broke the ice that let the steam out.

Water is an essential element and the very essence of our everyday living, for the mankind to survive. We drink bathe was and splash. Freeze it into ice and steam it to brew our coffee and tea. In short there is no life without water. It is also dangerous if we plunge into it not knowing its depth.

You can take a blogger to Word Press like the proverbial horse taken to water, drinking from the flow of the stream again depends on the bloggers ability to follow the esteemed instructors.